Pricing for Services - Southern Home Advisors
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Pricing for Services

At Southern Home Advisors we believe in honest up front pricing for our services, below you will find the complete cost for our inspections, there are never any hidden fees or charges, ever. The prices shown below are for standard inspection services, we do not charge extra for pools, built in spas, fences or out buildings such as detached garages and tool sheds. Fees shown are for residential applications only, we also perform light commercial inspections. Please contact us for specific pricing on commercial buildings.

  • 0-3000 Square Feet                         295.00
  • 3001-4000 Square Feet                  345.00
  • 4001-5000 Square Feet                  395.00
  • 5001-6000 Square Feet                  445.00
  • 6001-7000 Square Feet                  495.00
  • Radon Test                                         75.00 if included with standard home inspection
  • Radon Test                                         150.00 if performed with no home inspection
  • Water Test                                          75.00 if included with standard home inspection
  • Water Test                                          150.00 if performed with no home inspection

We also provide many other inspection services such as roof inspections, pool and spa inspections and mechanical inspections separately, please contact us for rates on these other items.


Contact us today at 770-881-2537 to learn more about partnering with Southern Home Advisors